Chuck Waldo, Tatoo Artist, Lancaster, OH

Charles “Chuck” Waldo

Charles “Chuck” Waldo, AKA “Uncle Lumpy”, has been associated with the tattoo industry since 1969 (Longbeach, CA). He has been affiliated with shops in Dallas TX, Huntington WVA, Denver CO, and more recently Columbus OH (past 5 years) specializing in custom art and cover-ups. Besides tattooing, Chuck's artwork has been published by Oxford University (London), Carlingford University (Scotland), G.C.P. Publications (St. Louis), and publications such as Fed, Don Diva, Vice, Giant, and Penthouse magazines (as illustrations and cover art for books).

At 50+ years of age and more than 33 years of tattooing experience, Chuck says - “I've been everywhere but the electric chair and seen everything but the wind - come challenge me and my talents.”